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Employment Strategy

The diversity of new refugee populations, as well as the modest number of arrivals, present an exceptional opportunity to rethink ideas, tactics, and practices. Workplace skill needs have risen considerably in recent years, as has the requirements for businesses and employees to adapt in response to competitive workplace pressures. Information and knowledge are moving at a much faster pace than they have ever been in human history.

It is critical to further develop previously used tactics. Keep up to date on what's going on in our area, as well as the refugees' readiness. Through identifying the components of effective helping.

KCI personnel were able to learn and accomplish what we needed to know and do in order to fulfill our roles and obligations as a service provider to disadvantaged groups, for example, our employment approach is based on customers' interests; what they want to do and what they can do as a first option or developing their abilities through vocational training so that they can do what they want to do.


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The Kurdistan Cultural Institute's aim is to assist Kurdish community members in adjusting to life in the United States, acclimating to the diversity of life in the United States, and adapting to new cultures. Through exceptional community service initiatives, KCI focuses on supporting refugees and immigrants in Tennessee.

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